Welcome to Coombes Farm.

Book here to feed a lamb and calf
Lambing and calving has now finished .
it will be a one to one experience with the animals ,
You will have one lamb and one calf to feed.
Its £20 per person but only £2 extra if you are the non feeding accompanying adult .
This week till April 28th you can book feeding is at 9.00 a.m. 1.00 p.m. & 7.00 in the evening
We might add some more dates afterwards.

The rest of the farm is closed and there will be no tractor rides so it will be just the feeding .
The main Flock of Ewes and Lambs and herd of Cows and calves are out in the fields now.
We only have a few lambs and calves to feed. we are a working farm and believe they should be out in the fields with their mothers.
The Lambs are from ewes that do not have enough milk and we have been unable to wet foster. The calves are from a local dairy farm.
All the animals will go out onto the downs once they have been weaned.

For Schools / Groups email us email Coombes and we are doing a few School visits

There will also be some free visits for Special need groups and care homes again next year at lambing time. .


Passies Pond is  Open
for Fishing   

THE Pond is Open
It is  open for fishing 7.00 a.m till Dusk.

Just turn up
Night fishing is on as well. 
Come and have the weekend down here or a few days in the week – 24 or 48 hours !

Check out our Passies Pond Page.


Our Amazing Maize Maze
Will open again in the summer of 2024
We will open for the summer holidays and Oct half term

Its a 6 acre maize Maze for you to go and explore.
Open 10.00 till 3.45
Last Entry 3.00
We close and the Gate shuts at 3.45
Lake side café at Passies Pond

– but watch this space.
We may open more hours. !!
Lambing time at Coombes

We are open for lambing till April 14th
hey lamb in the barns where you can watch them then they go out into the fields
800 ewes lambing and they will produce about 1,400 lambs then they go out into the fields where you can see them on the tractor ride.
40 Sussex Cows are calving at the same time .

There will be the tractor rides to the top of the South Downs to see the animals out in the fields

You can book and watch them and hopefully see lambs and Calves being born.
To Book click here lambing bookings have now reopen
Sorry we are now closed till March 9th .
£6 Adults and £4 Children
(£1 extra to pay on the gate)
For Schools / Groups email us email Coombes

There are also some free visits for special need groups so do email me

Interested in Late night lambing for Adults then look here, enjoy.

We are 1000 acre working Farm on the South downs and our family have been farming here for over 120 years

We have had 800 ewes lambing and 50 Sussex cows calving
So we now have over 2,000 sheep on the farm

In March – April next year we will open again so you can
Watch lambs and calves being born. hopefully !!
You will be able to walk to the top of the downs through the ewes and lambs
We hope to run the tractor rides to the top of the downs again.
And have pet lamb feeding

Our Late night lambing and new for this year is Lamb Yoga. which will happen again in 2024
This is the new website with booking details


Happy New Year – these twins were born early Jan 1st.

At the end of lambing / in April / May. Lamb feeding is just a one hour slot for a family to feed a lamb. The farm itself is not open as all the other animals are out in the fields. £10 for up to 3 people to feed a lamb. (2022 price) You can book more than one lamb. You do need to book as we only have a few hob lambs. More dates might be added – watch this space or Coombes Lambing face book.

We are pleased to say we have an Animal welfare licence from Adur Council to keep the animals for you to see Licence number 201900069