We finally have a new website!

Its lambing and calving time on our farm.  We are open everyday from March 16th  till April 22nd all over Easter and hope to have 1,200 lambs born.and 80 Sussex calves.

The ewes are scanned so we know they are in lamb, and the cows are in calf as well.
Last year The snow came at the start off lambing and made it difficult to put any sheep out into the fields and it was very all so very wet and made it a difficult lambing
We started off with a set of quins.(5 lambs) come and see how many lambs are there now.  Coombes farm lambing Do check out our face book site with many photos


After years of struggling with our old outdated site we are very pleased to have a new one that shows off everything we do and works with our social media too.

We chose to work with local agency Ask for the Moon, who were very understanding and came up with some excellent ideas. We have also worked with them on our new branding which has been designed to incorporate our existing Sussex cow logo and bring in Lambing and Passies Pond too.