Fishing Rules

Passies Pond General rules

Don’t forget your fishing license

  1. Landing nets and Unhooking mats must be used on all lakes, and to be dipped in the dips provided.
  2. Main lake minimum of a 32” carp net is required, a maximum if 15 lb line and no fixed rigs Please.
  3. Match lake and Pamela’s minimum net 18”
  4. All hooks to be barb less – no micro barbs and no pinched barbs
  5. No keep nets to be used unless fishing organized matches
  6. No braided main lines please
  7. Night fishing on main lake only
  8. Proper carp and biv’ys shelter only – No tents please.
  9. Gas Cookers are fine. NO BBQ’s
  10. Management is not responsible for non paying guests. One guest per angler.
  11. Maximum of 2 rods per angler
  12. All Children should be with a responsible Adult.

Banned Baits

All surface baits, bread, dog biscuits. (Plastic  corn, corn stops & Foam etc)
No nuts, no Vitalin or cat meat & no live or dead baits.


Contact our bailiff Rob – 07824429236

Please keep the lakes rubbish free.

Please note : Fishing near pylons is dangerous, Please take care.

The management can update these rules & Prices at any time.